Energy Policy WA has completed a comprehensive review of the State Hazard Plan - Energy Supply Disruption.

The DFES State Emergency Management Policy Branch is now seeking your feedback on the proposed amendments and other questions, queries or comments you have in relation to this Plan.

The State Hazard Plan - Energy Supply Disruption provides an overview of emergency management arrangements for the hazards of gas, liquid and electricity disruptions. It describes prevention/mitigation of, preparedness for, the response to, and the initiation of recovery arrangements following a disruption, or simultaneous disruptions to energy supplies

The Coordinator of Energy is the Hazard Management Agency (HMA) for gas, liquid fuel and electricity supply disruptions.

Consultation will be open from 10 November 2023 to 5 January 2023. Please submit your feedback by close of business 5 January 2023 using the survey below.

Summary of Amendments

The following amendments have been made to the State Hazard Plan - Energy Supply Disruption.

Clarification of Alert Warning System (AWS) incident levels
  • Alignment of AWS incident levels to State Emergency Management incident levels (section 4.2.4).
  • Whilst the AWS incident levels are based on energy-specific criteria, Level 2 and Level 3 incidents will trigger State emergency management incident levels in parallel.
  • Colours for Level 1 incident incident levels amended from green to yellow to align with industry approach as a green alert would indicate there is no risk or actual impact (Table 3).
  • Clarification of the role of Energy Policy WA’s Emergency Management Team.
  • Inclusion of State Recovery Coordinator role in Response Structure (section 4.2.11 Figure 1).
  • Clarification of financial arrangements during response activities (section 4.5).
  • Appendix C updated to provide ‘Overview of Emergency Management Roles and Responsibilities for Energy Supply Disruption’ (previous Appendix D). This includes addition of Schedule C2 into Appendix C to summarise prevention, preparedness, response and recovery roles and responsibilities for industry and government agencies.
  • Removal of Appendix C – Government Response Roles and Responsibilities, which is now reflected in Appendix D Response Roles and Responsibilities.
Statement of Fact Amendments
  • Updated related legislation. regulation and other document names.
  • Updated language and narrative to raise awareness of actions required.
  • Minor amendments to simplify language and improve readability.