The State Hazard Plan - Crash Emergency provides an overview of arrangements for the management of crash emergencies in Western Australia.

The Hazard Management Agencies for crash emergencies are:

  • Commissioner of Police (air crash and road crash)
  • Arc Infrastructure Pty Ltd (Arc Infrastructure) (rail crash on Arc Infrastructure network)
  • Public Transport Authority (PTA), (rail crash on PTA network).

The Head of Operations and Customer Management (Arc Infrastructure) and Managing Director (PTA) are the responsible person for ensuring that emergency management is carried out on behalf of the respective agencies.

Depending on the emergency, WA Police Force and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services have a role as controlling agency for the response to an emergency for a rail crash which exceeds the capability of Arc Infrastructure or PTA. This arrangement has been negotiated with Arc Infrastructure and PTA.

The DFES State EM Policy Branch, on behalf of the SEMC (the responsible agency for the development and review of the State Hazard Plan Crash) is progressing with the periodical comprehensive review of the Plan on behalf of the three Hazard Management Agencies.

Summary of Amendments

The following amendments have been made to the draft State Hazard Plan - Crash Emergency.

  • Addition of a statement regarding arrangements for a rail crash that does not occur on the Arc Infrastructure or PTA network/s.
  • Removal of duplicated text in section 4.2.2 Air Crash Emergency (Search and Rescue Response).
  • Addition of section 4.6 (Multiple Hazards) and inclusion of Hostile Act into section 4.6.1.
  • Addition of section 4.9 Investigations.
  • Section 4.10 Funding Arrangements for Emergency Response updated.
Additional roles and responsibilities
  • Prevention, Preparedness and Recovery roles added to Appendix C.

Statement of fact amendments
  • Updating agency names and position titles
  • Updating related legislation, regulation and other documents
  • Removal of duplication with other State Emergency Management documents.
  • Other amendments to simplify language and improve readability.

Text highlighted in yellow indicates new or amended text in the draft State Hazard Plan.